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    4rent is an global recruitment and staffing service company with a comprehensive offer in the civil service sector. We include services like industry solutions, high and low qualified manpower attraction, factory processes and finance. 4rent is the creative company wich will find the best solution to any demand! Our main working areas are all Scandinavian countries, Baltic states, Ukraine and Moldovia. Every client we treat with personal access, offers and try to understand the required as fully and detailed possible!

    4rent offers several level recruitment and staffing services from all over the globe, including everything needed to hire qualified proffesionals, medium level resources or seasonal workers. Our experienced team specialists will consultate and lead the client into the most effective way to develop it’s business at new hights. Our moto is simple – business concentrates on it’s development as 4rent will take care of the human resource question at best level!


    Recruitement and resource attraction

    Staffing service and rental

    Human resource ‘’headhunting’’

    In depth analysis of any HR related issues



    Health and safety is one of our main priorities, as we have produced high safety instruction standarts to avoid any risks in workplace! We work with high responsibilty and morality standarts against our clients and we expect the same from our them!


    We understand the value of every our human being and the importance of the right workplace in their lives, thats why we are here to help them develop needed skills, personal growth and find the best suitable client to work with, because we believe that right people in the right place bring outstanding innovations and productivity.


    Being successful means the achievement of desired visions and planned goals, therefore success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming. Success is an attitude that our team pratice and use on daily basis.


    We understand the value of every our client and the importance of qualified manpower. We will take care of employees, making sure clients can focus on business growth fully.

    4rent Group

    4rent group combines two industries, modular housing and manpower recruiting service areas! With experienced and high motivated teams we are one of the best in our markets!

    4rent offer any kind of design and solution for modular houses with an individual approach to each client! Thanks to experience accumulated over the years, proffesional staff and partnership with respectable building companies, we are able to give the best quality product with guarantee!

    Modular housing options is infinite at 4rent! We manfacture modular buildings for offices, holiday homes, producing companies and other! With our team, any design and type is possible to fully meet clients criteria. We will set up your needed home at any location as permament or temporary construction!